Responsibilities and Members Search Advisory Committees

Each of the search advisory committees listed below provides advice and feedback concerning candidates and other aspects of the search as requested by the chancellor. The role of the search advisory committee is to:

  • Provide advice to the chancellor or the chancellor’s designee concerning the skills, abilities, and attributes identified as desirable in candidates for the position.
  • Identify and nominate individuals to be considered for the position, ensuring that names of potential candidates remain confidential.
  • Provide such feedback as may be requested by the chancellor concerning nominees in the candidate pool.
  • Engage with candidates and represent the University.
  • Facilitate an expeditious and fair search.
  • Following candidate screening, meet with candidates for the purpose of providing advice and feedback to the chancellor.

Search advisory committees do not engage in a final decision-making role.

  • Under UNC System policy, neither the chancellor nor the Board of Trustees have independent authority to select and appoint senior academic and administrative officers on their own initiative; rather, the Board of Trustees votes to accept or reject the candidate recommended and presented to the board by the chancellor.
  • For Tier 1 Senior Academic and Administrative Officer Selections, the chancellor is responsible for recommending one candidate to the Board of Trustees. This is a candidate that the chancellor believes will best meet the needs of the University under the circumstances. The chancellor will generally arrive at a recommendation through use of a recruitment and review process supported by a search advisory committee.

Kenan-Flagler Business School Dean

The following individuals have agreed to serve on the search committee for the Dean of Kenan Flagler Business School. The committee is co-chaired by Lissa Broome, Co-Chair, Burton Craige Distinguished Professor, School of Law and  Co-Director Dan K. Moore Program  and Jack Evans, Co-Chair, Emeritus Faculty, Kenan-Flagler Business School.

  • Saravanan Kesavan, Professor of Operations, Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • Sriram Venkataraman, Professor of Marketing, Edward M. O’Herron Scholar and Assistant Dean of MBA@UNC
  • Allison Fragale, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, Mary Farley Ames Lee Distinguished Scholar and Assistant Dean of MBA@UNC
  • Jeff Tucker, Chair, Board of Advisors, Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • Jeff Allred, Board of Advisors, Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • Kit Bredrup, Board of Advisors, Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • Michelle Bolas, Executive Director, Innovate Carolina and Chief Innovation Officer
  • Marty Kotis, Board of Trustees Member, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Udanda Clark, Partner, Ernst & Young
  • Norris Bruce, KFBS, Professor of Marketing
  • Paige Ouimet, KFBS, Professor Finance and Associate Dean of PhD Program
  • Tammy Samuels, Executive Director Career and Leadership and Interim Executive Director of Engagement Staff DEI
  • Jordan Hale, Assistant Dean Undergraduate Business Program
  • Taylor Jackson, MBASA president
  • Chris McClure, Chief Strategist, UNC-Chapel Hill

School of Government

The following individuals have agreed to serve on the search committee for the Dean of the School of Government. The committee is chaired by Martin Brinkley, Dean, UNC School of Law.

  • Kevin Leonard, Executive Director of the NC Association of County Commissioners
  • Martha Paige, Morrisville Town Manager and former President of the Town Manager Association
  • Gale Adams, Superior Court Judge, Fayetteville
  • Chuck Neely, School of Government Foundation Board Member
  • Gene Davis, UNC Board of Trustees Member
  • Rob Bryan, UNC Board of Trustees Member
  • Mike Piehler, Director, Institute for the Environment, Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Anita Brown Graham, Distinguished Professor of Public Law & Government
  • Jen Willis, Associate Dean for Development and Campaign Director, School of Government
  • Noreen McDonald, Chair, Department of City and Regional Planning
  • Adam Lovelady, Associate Professor, Division of Law & Finance
  • Shea Denning, Faculty Distinguished Term POP, SOG Judicial College
  • Peg Carlson, Faculty, Distinguished Term POP, Public Leadership and Governance
  • Willow Jacobson, Distinguished Professor, MPA Program
  • William Rivenbark, Professor of Public Administration
  • Toogie Hampton, Director of Programming, Management, Administration and Leadership
  • Student Representative, on the alumni board and the student leadership council
  • Patricia (Tricia) Sullivan, Professor, Department of Public Policy

University Librarian

The following individuals have agreed to serve on the search committee for the University Librarian. The committee is chaired by Gary Marchionini, Dean of the School of Information and Library Sciences

  • Linda Butler, Chair of Friends of the Library Board of Directors
  • Ralph Meekins, UNC Board of Trustees
  • Mike Barker, Vice Chancellor of Information Technology
  • Kurt Gilliland, Associate Dean Curriculum, School of Medicine
  • John Sherer, Director, UNC Press
  • Jessica Aylor, Director of Library Development
  • Emily Baragwanath, Associate Professor of Classics
  • Heidi Kim, Professor of English and Comparative Lit and Director of the Asian American Center
  • Banu  Gökarıksel, Professor of Geography & Chair of Curriculum, Global Studies, Caroline H. and Thomas S. Royster Distinguished Professor for Grade Education
  • Ashley Bryant, Associate Professor; Anne Belcher Interprofessional Faculty Scholar, Nursing
  • Adam Persky, Clinical Associate Professor, Pharmacotherapy & Experimental Therapeutics, Eshelman School of Pharmacy
  • Todd BenDor, Director, Odum Institute for Research in Social Science, Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Community Design
  • Thu-Mai Christian, Assistant Director of Archives, ODUM
  • Michelle Cawley Head, Clinical Academic and Research Engagement, HSL
  • Nerea Llamas, Associate University Librarian for Content & Collections
  • Undergraduate student representative, Political Science, Serves on the Student Library Advisory Board
  • Graduate student representative, School of Information and Library Sciences

Vice Chancellor for Development

The following individuals have been asked to serve on the committee co-chaired by Rachelle Feldman, Vice Provost for Enrollment and John Montgomery, Executive Director, The Rams Club.

  • Patricia Parker, Senior Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education
  • David Carroll, Principal, Carroll Family Holdings
  • Michael Kennedy, Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry; Campaign Steering Committee Co-Chair, Campaign for Carolina
  • Lowry Caudill, Former Chair of the Board of Trustees, Campaign Steering Committee Co-Chair, Campaign for Carolina
  • Vinay Patel, Principal, SREE Hotels, Board of Trustees Member
  • Debbie Dibbert, Associate Vice Chancellor, Principal & Major Gifts