Welcome to the Office of the
Chancellor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Carol L. Folt, Carolina's 11th Chancellor

WHEN CAROL L. FOLT became Carolina’s 11th Chancellor, and 29th in the lineage of leaders that dates back to Carolina’s founding, she said: “As America’s first public university, Carolina became the gold standard. The founders passed the baton, and the future is up to us. How can we fulfill this honorable charge in a way that is ever fresh and relevant?”

Folt – an internationally recognized life scientist, award-winning teacher and accomplished academic leader – has worked to fulfill that honorable charge by placing Carolina’s students at the center, advancing the university’s academic excellence, championing Carolina as a leading global public research university and focusing on innovation through the development of new avenues for entrepreneurship that are translating world-class ideas into real-world applications. Folt has said she remains confident in the future of higher education because she has never stopped believing in the enduring power of a college education to transform lives.

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