The Latest

  • 2022 University Day

    "At this year’s University Day, we are focusing on that second vital calling: research. I think of that famous Charles Kuralt line, “what is it that binds us to this place?” We are the university of the people, and that mission unites us around a common purpose. But the glue that binds us is a curiosity about the world – a desire to learn and to know more. That curiosity finds its purest expression in research, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge."

  • 2021 Winter Commencement

    "You have proven just how capable you are of overcoming adversity and seizing the opportunities that uncertainty presents. I can't wait to see what you accomplish"

  • 2021 University Day

    "The ideal of a public university — a place at once deeply enmeshed in the world and set apart from it — has always been fragile. The success of this place was never a foregone conclusion, and it still isn’t.  But every generation has proven that this fragile ideal is a powerful call to action. It took the hard work and dedication of thousands of Tar Heels since our founding."

  • Class of 2020 Commencement

    "You are here today because someone believed in you and in the possibility for you to do great things. That belief hasn’t changed. We all still believe in you. If there’s one thing you hear today, I want you to hear this: we, your family your faculty, the administration, and I – we all imagine incredible, out of this world, unbelievable possibilities for you."

  • 2021 Spring Commencement

    "If there is anything you have learned here at Carolina, I hope it’s that there is still so much that you don’t yet know. Keep learning and growing. Keep asking questions, especially of the people who have different experiences, who are unique, who see the world differently than you do."

  • Installation Address: Happiness of a Rising Generation

    "We have a rising generation restless for change and a storied university committed to solving grand challenges. The question is whether we truly can be “student-focused” and give them the tools, support and knowledge they need to change the status quo. Having been here for 25 years, I know we can."

  • Chancellor introduction celebration

    "Today, I am humbled and honored to become Carolina’s 12th chancellor. I’m prepared to lead us forward with purpose, humility and vision."

  • 2019 University Day

    There are many principles that could guide our work as the leading global public research university. But I believe Hooker’s vision is our foundation. We are here today to emphasize that one reason: Carolina is here to serve North Carolina.