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Message from Chancellor Folt and AD Cunningham on NCAA Investigation

Dear Carolina Community:

We are writing to inform you that the University has responded to the NCAA’s amended notice of allegations resulting from our joint investigation of past academic irregularities. You may read an executive summary of our response, along with the full reply, on our Carolina Commitment website,

Our response to the NCAA marks one of the last stages of the University’s long journey to bring a painful six-year chapter to conclusion. Carolina has fully accepted all responsibility for the past and remains deeply committed to meaningful reforms. We have taken wide-ranging steps to reach this point by engaging in numerous independent or internal investigations or reviews, implementing reforms and initiatives and holding individuals accountable.

The question specifically before the NCAA Committee on Infractions is not whether the University or those affiliated with it failed to meet the appropriately high expectations set by the institution itself, its accreditor or others. The question is whether the matters raised by the ANOA meet the jurisdictional, procedural and substantive requirements of the NCAA constitution and bylaws—rules that govern athletics, not academic quality and oversight.

While the past several years have been difficult, the necessary scrutiny and self-examination has put us in a better place. Carolina is moving forward a stronger University.

Following, for your information is the complete website posting:

UNC-Chapel Hill posts response to NCAA’s amended notice of allegations

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has posted its response to the NCAA’s amended notice of allegations resulting from a joint investigation of past academic irregularities. Later, the University also will post a public copy of accompanying exhibits the University provided with its response to the NCAA.

“As a member of the NCAA, we carefully considered the appropriate University response based upon a thorough analysis of the NCAA’s Constitution and bylaws and all involved parties’ mutual desire to adhere to these important standards,” Athletics Director Bubba Cunningham said. “We identified key issues and provided factual responses for each allegation with the goal of bringing this case to a fair and just conclusion.’’

“Our work to reach this point has been extensive, including implementing wide-ranging reforms and taking substantial actions to ensure transparency and integrity across the University,” said Chancellor Carol L. Folt. “The necessary scrutiny and self-examination has made us a stronger University, and the resolution of this case will be vital to our moving forward.”

The University responded to the NCAA’s amended notice sent on April 25. The University previously disclosed the original notice sent in May 2015 and reported new information last August that the NCAA determined warranted the revised notice.

Beyond today’s post and consistent with NCAA protocols, University officials are unable to comment on the substance of our case until it is complete.

The next major step in the NCAA’s process for the University is an appearance before the Committee on Infractions later this fall. That committee makes the final decision in the case.


Carol L. Folt

Bubba Cunningham
Director of Athletics

Published August 2, 2016.