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Executive Branch of Student Government Releases Survey to Gauge Student Views

As the search for a new chancellor begins, Student Government is actively gathering information from numerous sources in order to relay the voice of the student body to the 21-member selection committee. Members of Student Government will be looking to current and previous trends in higher education and chancellor selection to build a concrete vision of the leader we need moving forward. This research is intended to piece together the ideas and visions of UNC students.

Throughout this process, student will have a number of venues through which they can share their input for chancellor selection. Student Government has released a student survey, available here, to gather student input on a series of specific ideas and questions. Social media will be an integral part of Student Government’s search for student opinion and we hope students tweet, post, and fill out feedback forms with their ideas and visions for our university’s next chancellor. All of this information will be compiled into a one-page statement describing our vision for the next chancellor, which will go directly to the university’s selection committee.

Students will also be able to stay updated and contribute to the conversation via social media and this website. Under this tab, students will have access to constant updates on media both from within and outside the university regarding chancellor selection. We will also use this area to post about current and future events related to this process.

Additionally, students will be able to ask questions and share their priorities for the next chancellor by emailing us directly at Student input is the key to providing a strong vision to the selection committee, and as we move forward, Student Government will continue to seek out student voices wherever possible.