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Chancellor Search Committee creates three subcommittees

The Chancellor Search Committee has formed three subcommittees as it organizes to start the work of finding a successor to Chancellor Holden Thorp.

The subcommittee membership was discussed during the full search committee’s first meeting on Oct. 8.

The six-member Public Forums Subcommittee is charged with planning at least three public forums focusing on students, faculty, staff and the community. Input gleaned from the forums will help shape a leadership statement. The committee may also consider broadly polling UNC-Chapel Hill alumni about the qualities they would like to see in the next Chancellor.

Members are Donald Curtis, Will Leimenstoll, Michael Bertucci, Jackie Overton, Jan Boxill and Kenneth Broun. This subcommittee will meet for the first time on Oct. 26.

The seven-member Leadership Statement Subcommittee will combine the charge from UNC President Tom Ross at the full search committee’s first meeting, feedback from public forums and the views of subcommittee members about the qualities of the next Chancellor. The statement also will reflect the priorities of the University regarding teaching, research and public service. The leadership statement will be used when recruiting candidates and will be a cornerstone document in selecting the next Chancellor.

Members are Felicia Washington, Cam Patterson, John McGowan, Eric Montross, Kevin Guskiewicz, Dwight Stone and Chuck Lovelace. This subcommittee <a href="“>will meet for the first time on Oct. 26.

The seven-member Interview Questions Subcommittee will pull together a set of consistent question to be asked of the first list of potential candidates. The questions will be broad enough to cover the major qualities that the full search committee would like to see in the next Chancellor, but specific enough to allow the interviewers to get a good sense of each candidate. The larger list of candidates will be narrowed based on these interviews.

Members are Barbara Hyde, John Townsend, Roger Perry, Valerie Ashby, Dwayne Pinkney, Doug Shackelford and Richard Vinroot.