Trustees learn about the power of discovery

BeAM Launch Celebration. With Innovation Circle, Library and A&S VIP, APS, BeAM Steering Committee and Network, students in attendance. (Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill)

Over the past two days, UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees members were treated to the full sweep of Carolina’s research enterprise and its power to transform – and save – lives. That process began Wednesday afternoon with a field trip to the 3,500-square-foot BeAM (Be A Maker) space in Murray Hall. It resumed Thursday morning… Read more »

Examining our history

Photo of Carolina Hall exhibit

Chancellor Carol L. Folt said she is proud of the new exhibit in Carolina Hall displaying the history of how the building was named and then renamed because it is a starting point for telling the full story of Carolina’s history. The exhibit, which opened Nov. 11, was conceived and curated by the Chancellor’s Task… Read more »

Message from Chancellor Folt: Carolina Hall exhibit open

Dear Campus Community: I am pleased to announce that the new exhibit inside the entrance to Carolina Hall is installed and ready for viewing. I had an opportunity to tour this powerful exhibit, and I was moved by the lessons I learned about our history, which came through for me in a deeply personal way…. Read more »

Message from University leadership: Respect for all

Dear Campus Community, It has been just over a week since the presidential election, and events that have unfolded on campus since then have demonstrated that emotions are still running high. We want to assure everyone that the values that this great university upholds have not changed since Nov. 8. The University of North Carolina… Read more »

Message from Chancellor Carol L. Folt

Dear Campus Community: My leadership team and I have been thinking a lot about our community today following yesterday’s election. There are a wide range of emotions being felt by our campus, especially after such a close, heated and hard-fought election. Our privilege as part of a great public university is to be the catalyst… Read more »

UNC-Chapel Hill Research: ‘We’ve seen powerful results’

Story and video by Higher Education Works Foundation Chancellor Carol L. Folt calls them “zingers” – imaginative ideas that, when coupled with years of fundamental research, produce enormous breakthroughs in science. And in just the past three years, Folt says in the accompanying video, UNC Chapel Hill has made extraordinary research advances in fields such… Read more »

Three Zeros combines aspiration, pragmatism

Graphic with symbols for each of three zero areas.

It sounds like a new fitness program. And in many ways that’s what Three Zeros is. Instead of a way to shed unwanted pounds, though, the Three Zeros Initiative is Carolina’s integrated approach to reducing its environmental footprint through three overarching sustainability goals: Net zero water usage means finding new ways to reduce the use… Read more »

A legacy on which to build

The laying of Old East’s cornerstone 223 years ago marked the founding of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the reason University Day is celebrated each year. But it’s the generations of students that followed who have made Carolina what it is today. Students like Sallie Walker Stockard, who became first women… Read more »